Fishing – February 5th

Saturday February 5th saw my return to the world of ice fishing. This day meant Jason, his buddy Kevin, and I heading out to Blackstrap for a morning of fishing good times. It was a beautiful day for fishing, and with an ice shack at our disposal, we were on our way to a great day. Unfortunately, the fish had their own ideas. It appeared we’d be heading home empty handed until we noticed one of the jack tip-ups, had a nibble. Kevin reeled it up, to find a 3lbs jack.

So for this adventure at least, the fish seem to have had our number. Next time: different story!

3 thoughts on “Fishing – February 5th

  1. The inside joke here being that Tim’s first catch of the day was a 5 inch smelt that had been dropped down the hole (along with a tip-up). So I suppose a thank you is in order for retrieving that too.

    Jason :

    a fish larger then that first one you caught and put backā€¦

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