Paint, Paint, & More Paint

Today’s construction update is brought to you by Behr paint: the contractor’s choice! Ok, maybe a few too many paint fumes tonight, but hey, there is still real progress being made on our basement bathroom reno! Tonight, we got the second coat of paint on the ceilings right after work, followed after supper by our first coat on the walls. As you can see in the pictures, the colour we chose (grey/brown – surprise, surprise!) really makes the place feel bigger and warmer than before we started.

Tonight was also re-claim the basement night, the truck is half full, but we have room to walk finally in the basement. Going forward, we have the second coat to get on tomorrow, then we’re on to shower stall assembly and then flooring preparation and finally flooring!!! So it’s really coming together, and with no sign what-so-ever of a baby coming on our horizon, we could have a useable bathroom before everyone gets here: here’s hoping the baby throws a wrench into those plans, I think Crystal’s been ready for about a month now for the baby to come and I’ve been ready for at least a week!

Anyway, that’s the update for tonight. I’m tired and ready for a shower, so I think i’m going to do that and find a bed soon. Good night all, here’s hoping we have baby news tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Paint, Paint, & More Paint

  1. Looking Super good. The walls look great in the photos, I will have to come see in person to confirm. 😉

    Ready for shower install? I think I’m free tonight for some “Base-screwing-down” and some plumbing. Let me know.

    We noted that Baby-Day got pushed back to nearly my Birthday!

  2. You certainly can, and yes I think I would be ready for shower install. I do need to get the second coat on the walls, but it generally sets up after about an hour. Crystal has baby class tonight, but we have baby appointments this afternoon, so I will likely have the second coat on late this afternoon, meaning after work/supper it will be dry.

    Baby-Day is pushed back, to about when they would have to induce if it doesn’t show up before then :(. Today we might get some more information at our appointment, so who knows.

    Let me know if you can’t make it tonight… Oh, Gravatar’s are likely a problem due to email address updates. I’ve updated my Gravatar profile, but no luck as of yet…

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