Holy our baby is almost 4 months old!

All I can say is wow, I thought time went by fast before we had Luke but now it seems to be flying by even faster! Luke is still a happy baby for the most part and continues to make this whole parenting thing quite easy. He is growing alot and it is quite incredible how fast he learns new things.

In the past week or 2 he has started trying to sit himself up, he has found his feet and he just started to really play with his toys that hang above him in his chairs or on his play mat. He “talks” alot these days and listening to him babble away is my new favorite thing to do and easily distracts me from getting anything accomplished. We think he’s going to be giggling soon, he already tries to when we play with him. Also this past week we have come to realize that there is a good chance he is teething already.

We had been trying to encourage Luke to use his legs and stand up, he wasnt really showing much interest in that and then one day this week he started standing up. This tells his daddy that its definitely time to get a jolly jumper for him so I’m pretty sure within a day or 2 Tim will have a jolly junper all ready to go for Luke.

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