On the road again…

Quick time-out to take a bath while camping, loving every minute!

Another weekend on the way, and another road trip in the works! Short trip this time though, off to the farm for the weekend to help things along there. Our fun-filled August long-weekend will include such highlights as killing chickens, and swathing & baling hay! (Can you sense the sarcasm there!?) But I’m a little overdue for pitching in at the farm so am not actually complaining. Follow that up with a short work week and finally a weekend in the city! I didn’t say a free weekend, but it’s a start! We’ll be around for the whole weekend, save for a Saturday event celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary.

As I alluded to in my last update regarding friend catch ups, we haven’t been able to accomplish nearly as much as we had hoped. We met Jason & Kara for supper one evening…and that’s about all. We’re really falling behind guys so sorry :(. Looking ahead though, we only have the following weekend booked up for a wedding in Regina, and then we’re probably free until harvest starts, so here’s hoping we can get in some much needed (and at this point deserved!) socializing!

It seems like every summer we say “We need to slow things down and find more time…” but it never seems to work, so I’m not going to try to make that statement again. I just hope that one of these years we actually find a little R&R time to just breathe and hang out a little more than we currently are. Anyway, I really should get back to work before someone catches on to my brief moment of time on my hands being used to update the site.

Until next time, take care everyone! And to those friends out there (im)patiently waiting, let’s make some plans right now! Stake your claim on a weekend/weekday night, then we’re committed to it!

Later all!

(PS: Random Luke camping picture attached to post, just to prove he/we’re still alive out there!)

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