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Alright, so not to be outdone by my better half, I figured I better put up an update on here too! Seems like our lives never seem to slow down at all, especially now with Luke in tow! As mentioned previously, we have just returned from 8 days at Canora Beach and it was great! For those that don’t know, Canora Beach is located on the North East corner of Good Spirit Lake (oddly enough, 18km from the town of Canora). It’s a private campground with the strangest beach I’ve ever been at. We were literally able to walk probably 1/4 mile or more from shore and still touch the bottom! And our 8 person party island was definately a good investment, we had a great time with it the entire time we were there, including Crystal’s Mom & Dad, and we were even able to float Luke out there a time or 2 so we were literally able to have everyone out on the water all together. Besides the water, we were also able to squeeze in a round of golf in Canora, I had hoped to be able to get in a few more, but I’ll take what I can get!

Looking forward, we’ve got another Bodnarus Auctioneering sale this Saturday, home to help out at the farm on the long weekend, Regina for a wedding the following weekend, then maybe another camping weekend (a guy can dream can’t he!?). So the Palmer family schedule continues to fill up, I think I’ve just got to learn to accept it. We are hoping to catch up with our long lost friends that have been travelling this summer as well, some gone to the USA for a month, others that were on their honeymoon in Hawaii, so here’s hoping we can get some friend-suppers going on in the next week or so.

Anyway, that will have to do for now. Life continues on, I’m trying to re-focus on work after being away for a week. Just in time for another ADESA Public Auction tomorrow @ 5:30. Should be a hot one! Take care all, until next time!

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