Christmas, New Years, and etc

Hey everyone! No, we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, we’ve just been on the move a lot lately! Where to begin with this update… Christmas I suppose is a good place to start.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, this year was Luke’s first Christmas. So, in order to be fair to both of our families, we decided it was best to host his first Christmas at our place. So on Christmas day we had our families gather here to celebrate and spoil the little man rotten! Seriously, he now has a FLEET of ride-on toys (Pirate Ship, Race Car, Caterpillar Truck, PlaySkool Stand-n-Ride) plus a ton of clothes and more non-rideable toys. Needless to say, a great and over-the-top haul for him this year! Of course, Crystal prepared an amazing feast for us that day, and everyone went home happy and full!

That brings us to New Year’s Eve, which this year was also spent in the city (no, we’re not lazy!) celebrating my uncle’s 60th birthday party. That was a good evening with lots of family that I hadn’t seen in a while. We missed most of the party, Luke had had about enough of crowds by about 9:30, so we actually rang in the new year quietly at home as a family, so kind of a boring, but nicely different way of starting 2012.

In other news, our basement reno continues. For those out of the loop, we decided in November to completely overhaul our basement here as a daycare/theatre space. This included removing all the dark paneling and ugly ceiling tiles, and cutting in a new window. 2 Saturday’s ago my slaves….er, work crew (Jason – as always!, and my cousin Kyle) helped me install all new gyprock on the ceiling and walls. We just started the mudding process today (Crystal’s learned how to mud and fill screw holes) and tomorrow will likely see more mudding and some taping. I had thought about either hiring that part out or renting some equipment to speed up the process, but it appears that finding an affordable/quality taper/mudder and/or rental equipment, is a bit of a challenge in Saskatoon. So it looks like I’ll be winging it, at least for now. I’m not ruling out bringing in someone to tape/mud corner joints, but I think I’ll at least get a start and see how far I can get before getting frustrated and packing it in.

We were also able to par-take in a funspeil last weekend out in Hanley. It was the first annual Carl Palmer Memorial funspeil in honour of my late uncle. It was a lot of fun, we won our first game and got blown out of the water in the second, but it was great to get on the ice again. And we weren’t even that sore afterward! Who knew!!!

For those that haven’t heard from or seen us in a while, Luke is crawling around like a mad man. He’s also started standing up with furniture and even standing on his own! I think he’s getting close to those first steps, he just has to figure out this whole balance-while-you-walk thing and he’ll be well on his way. Tonight, his teeth appear to be on the move as well, so it could be an interesting night as far as sleep goes.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of for right now, I’m sure I missed some things here and there, but I’ll try to make updating this place a bit more of a priority in the coming months. I’ll also post up some pictures later of our finished work in the basement once it’s complete!

Take care everyone out there, talk to you all soon!

-The Palmers!-

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