Travels, Luke, & Renos

Ok, so its been a few weeks, and we’ve been busy! First, I attended my first Saskatchewan Auctioneers Association annual meeting in Regina on the 10th. it was interesting getting to meet some of the people behind our province’s auction companies. One highlight here was being asked to have my name stand to be elected to the board of directors. A quick, off-the-top-of-my head speech later…sure enough, elected! So here’s hoping I don’t screw it up too bad! The next weekend, we were in Sturgis hanging out with family. Crystal polished her Mary Kay skills, and I got to do a little ice fishing. Sadly the fishing was mostly practice. But the big news from that weekend: our little man started walking!!! So ever since then, he’s been running around like a distance runner. He’s getting really good really fast so it’s pretty exciting!

Which brings us to last weekend, and the bright lights of Calgary. Our little man was a trooper in his car seat for the 6 hour drive each direction. It was a good weekend hanging out with Marc & Marie-Lynn, including Crystal’s first solo Mary Kay party. So as you can see, it’s been a little fast-paced around here lately.

And of course the reno continues, however at a painfully slow pace. First coat mud is officially finished and I’ve started sanding and mudding second coat. I’ve been trying to organize a work crew a few times, but it’s been a solo project thus far. Which makes any progress that much more painfully slow. But it is slowly getting there, but I’ll sure be glad to enjoy my finished theatre! Really starting to get impatient, haha!

Looking ahead, we’ll be headed to Regina for the weekend this weekend for Crystal’s MK conference. The weekend after, we might actually get to spend at home, go figure!

Anyway, bedtime for this family. Night everyone, talk to you soon!

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