Holy our baby is almost 4 months old!

All I can say is wow, I thought time went by fast before we had Luke but now it seems to be flying by even faster! Luke is still a happy baby for the most part and continues to make this whole parenting thing quite easy. He is growing alot and it is quite incredible how fast he learns new things.

In the past week or 2 he has started trying to sit himself up, he has found his feet and he just started to really play with his toys that hang above him in his chairs or on his play mat. He “talks” alot these days and listening to him babble away is my new favorite thing to do and easily distracts me from getting anything accomplished. We think he’s going to be giggling soon, he already tries to when we play with him. Also this past week we have come to realize that there is a good chance he is teething already.

We had been trying to encourage Luke to use his legs and stand up, he wasnt really showing much interest in that and then one day this week he started standing up. This tells his daddy that its definitely time to get a jolly jumper for him so I’m pretty sure within a day or 2 Tim will have a jolly junper all ready to go for Luke.

Luke’s First Camping Trip

Well we are on our way to Regina to watch the Rider game with Travis before heading home from our week long camping trip at Canora Beach. We had a great time and Luke was a happy little camper throughout the majority of our stay, this didnt surprise us though because he loves being outside and is quite facinated with trees thus making camping the perfect holiday for him.

I’m sad to say I failed at taking pictures this week, when I wasnt too busy to take them I was too busy relaxing to think about it. My mom did manage to take some though so we will have to post those pictures to the gallery soon.

We finally got some use out of the party island we impulsively bought last year during a costco trip for groceries. I think Tim and everyone else who got to enjoy it this week would agree with me when I say it was definitely worth every penny. We had a blast!

When we weren’t enjoying the beach we were relaxing at the site, playing some games, oh and we pretty much ate like kings all week…theres just nothing like campfire food…sooo yummy!

Good weather, great food, excellent company = fantastic time and we can’t wait to do it again.

Baby News

Ok so for those of you who have been patiently waiting for a baby update here is the news we have to share with you as of tonight. As you most likely have noticed we are past our original due date of our baby’s arrival. This has caused me some very frustrated feelings along with a lot of impatience and I must say Tim has been a trooper through all the mood swings. Today we went for a standard 41 week ultrasound to make sure that our baby is still happy and healthy and we scored an 8 out of 8 so everything is very good…however tomorrow, pending hospital room we will be awaiting a call from RUH to call me in to get induced…that’s right whether this baby wants to or not, its time it comes out. I’m hoping that this means by no later than Friday we have a new addition of our family to show off to everyone who has been waiting.

That is all the news I have for now, stay tuned for more updates…as Tim has mentioned on his facebook this is where he will be posting the updates as to what is happening regarding our baby’s arrival!

Maternity Leave – Week 1

Last Friday was my last day of work at Country Wide Moving as I chose to start my maternity leave a little early so that I can rest up and get prepared for the baby…and practice my housewife skills. I think Tim has been enjoying my being at home all day. I think I can safely say I got off to a good start at being a housewife as Tim came home to lunch and supper being ready for him every day this weekend with the exception of Monday I believe…Tim went ice fishing with Jason on Saturday and had caught a fish which he cooked up for us to enjoy that night. Tuesday the menu included a roasted chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Wedneday night Tim got one of his favorite meals – meatloaf and last night we had Jason and Kara over for supper and I made lasagna, ceasar salad and garlic toast. I had also made banana bread for dessert but everyone was full from the lasagna.

Along with the meals I also busied myself with cleaning and organizing the house. Today has been a more laid back day on my part…it started off fairly lazy with me staying in bed till 10:30 watching tv, before I decided it was time I get up and get cracking. I did some cleaning and then got ready to meet Val and Winnona for lunch and then it was off to costco to get some things for the weekend. This weekend we are headed to Sturgis to visit my family. My sister turns 18 today – Happy Birthday Sister Dear! and my Gedo’s birthday is tomorrow so i’m sure some celebrating is to be had! Piper, however; is staying in the city this weekend since its just a quick trip. Heather is going to hang out with her and watch her for us…thanks again Heather, we appreciate it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the nice weather that is currently forecasted!