Reno’s, Reno’s, & More Reno’s

So after much discussion and cost estimating, we’ve decided to take the plunge and completely re-do the entire basement. So for the past week, it’s been weekends/nights spent removing all the old panelling and ceiling strapping getting ready for fresh drywall. This all came about as we were getting things ready for Crystal’s daycare venture in the new year. After we installed the window with all it’s lighty glory, it just didn’t seem right to leave the rest of the basement all bland and dreary. With any luck, we’ll have basement 2.0 completed and ready to celebrate Luke’s first Christmas in oh…27 days!?

Combine all of that with Crystal’s other new money-making venture, Mary Kay, and you’ve got one busy family! For anyone out there that is interested in checking out her new Mary Kay offerings, check out to view or even place an order online. As always, just email or call her for more info on any upcoming events, they sound fairly decent if your into that girly-sort of thing.

On the Luke front, he still keeps growing everyday. No crawling yet, but he is getting pretty good at scooting around on his bum. Between that and constant teething, our little man has a lot going on, but he’s still being a trooper with the teething pain!

December is just around the corner, which brings with it the holidays. Hopefully we get our renovations complete early in the month, so that we can celebrate our first Christmas season as a family! Looking forward to seeing all/any of you that want to hang out with us!

Until next time, take care everyone!

Our Summer/Fall Shenanigans

Hi all! I figured it’s been a while, so I had better try to post at least the broad strokes of our recent activities and goings-on. Looks like we left off last with our camping trip this summer with Crystal’s family at Good Spirit Lake. To be fair, we’ve been mostly boring since that point, most of our time is spent with Luke in the evenings and weekends have either been filled with renovations or family visits or working auction sales, with not a whole lot of down time to be had. We got through harvest really fast this year at the farm, with the 3 of us venturing down there in September to get that wrapped up. More recently, I’ve been helping Justin & Teresa put in new flooring in their condo at night last week, and we found time to hang out with Jason & Kara on Friday which was w-a-a-a-y overdue (sorry guys!). I think that brings us up to date (I mentioned I wasn’t going into specifics), to sum it up: it was a busy summer/fall, but we got through it!

Looking ahead, can you believe we’re only 40 days away from Christmas!? The time really flies. Luckily, it looks like we’re slowing down at least a little bit. All of our outside yard/reno work is complete (including our new basement window, what a difference that makes!) so we can now turn our attention inside. We’re hoping to remove a bunch of the panelling down in the basement and hang new drywall, which means I’ll be looking for slave….er…volunteer labour to help out. I think I can do most of it myself, but will need a couple of extra hands to accomplish the ceiling. After that, it’s a coat of paint and we should be ready for Crystal’s daycare to get underway in January/February. Oh, and we’ll be hosting Christmas at our house this year, since it’s Luke’s first Christmas, so I hope our new basement is ready for that as well. A couple of nights this week, and I should have the demolishon work completed, then it’s just running some new cabling, and on to the drywall install. With any luck, we’ll be painting by the first of December (here’s hoping!).

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ve included some new/updated photos of Luke for your enjoyment, he’s still growing like a weed (almost 20 lbs now!). To any of our friends out there that still read this, let’s start planning Christmas themed get togethers soon. We’ve been falling behind in our social life, so let’s plan some get-togethers soon! Take care all, I promise we’ll try to keep more on top of this place for the winter at least!

On the road again…

Quick time-out to take a bath while camping, loving every minute!

Another weekend on the way, and another road trip in the works! Short trip this time though, off to the farm for the weekend to help things along there. Our fun-filled August long-weekend will include such highlights as killing chickens, and swathing & baling hay! (Can you sense the sarcasm there!?) But I’m a little overdue for pitching in at the farm so am not actually complaining. Follow that up with a short work week and finally a weekend in the city! I didn’t say a free weekend, but it’s a start! We’ll be around for the whole weekend, save for a Saturday event celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary.

As I alluded to in my last update regarding friend catch ups, we haven’t been able to accomplish nearly as much as we had hoped. We met Jason & Kara for supper one evening…and that’s about all. We’re really falling behind guys so sorry :(. Looking ahead though, we only have the following weekend booked up for a wedding in Regina, and then we’re probably free until harvest starts, so here’s hoping we can get in some much needed (and at this point deserved!) socializing!

It seems like every summer we say “We need to slow things down and find more time…” but it never seems to work, so I’m not going to try to make that statement again. I just hope that one of these years we actually find a little R&R time to just breathe and hang out a little more than we currently are. Anyway, I really should get back to work before someone catches on to my brief moment of time on my hands being used to update the site.

Until next time, take care everyone! And to those friends out there (im)patiently waiting, let’s make some plans right now! Stake your claim on a weekend/weekday night, then we’re committed to it!

Later all!

(PS: Random Luke camping picture attached to post, just to prove he/we’re still alive out there!)

Recent Activites & More

Alright, so not to be outdone by my better half, I figured I better put up an update on here too! Seems like our lives never seem to slow down at all, especially now with Luke in tow! As mentioned previously, we have just returned from 8 days at Canora Beach and it was great! For those that don’t know, Canora Beach is located on the North East corner of Good Spirit Lake (oddly enough, 18km from the town of Canora). It’s a private campground with the strangest beach I’ve ever been at. We were literally able to walk probably 1/4 mile or more from shore and still touch the bottom! And our 8 person party island was definately a good investment, we had a great time with it the entire time we were there, including Crystal’s Mom & Dad, and we were even able to float Luke out there a time or 2 so we were literally able to have everyone out on the water all together. Besides the water, we were also able to squeeze in a round of golf in Canora, I had hoped to be able to get in a few more, but I’ll take what I can get!

Looking forward, we’ve got another Bodnarus Auctioneering sale this Saturday, home to help out at the farm on the long weekend, Regina for a wedding the following weekend, then maybe another camping weekend (a guy can dream can’t he!?). So the Palmer family schedule continues to fill up, I think I’ve just got to learn to accept it. We are hoping to catch up with our long lost friends that have been travelling this summer as well, some gone to the USA for a month, others that were on their honeymoon in Hawaii, so here’s hoping we can get some friend-suppers going on in the next week or so.

Anyway, that will have to do for now. Life continues on, I’m trying to re-focus on work after being away for a week. Just in time for another ADESA Public Auction tomorrow @ 5:30. Should be a hot one! Take care all, until next time!

Holy our baby is almost 4 months old!

All I can say is wow, I thought time went by fast before we had Luke but now it seems to be flying by even faster! Luke is still a happy baby for the most part and continues to make this whole parenting thing quite easy. He is growing alot and it is quite incredible how fast he learns new things.

In the past week or 2 he has started trying to sit himself up, he has found his feet and he just started to really play with his toys that hang above him in his chairs or on his play mat. He “talks” alot these days and listening to him babble away is my new favorite thing to do and easily distracts me from getting anything accomplished. We think he’s going to be giggling soon, he already tries to when we play with him. Also this past week we have come to realize that there is a good chance he is teething already.

We had been trying to encourage Luke to use his legs and stand up, he wasnt really showing much interest in that and then one day this week he started standing up. This tells his daddy that its definitely time to get a jolly jumper for him so I’m pretty sure within a day or 2 Tim will have a jolly junper all ready to go for Luke.