Luke’s First Camping Trip

Well we are on our way to Regina to watch the Rider game with Travis before heading home from our week long camping trip at Canora Beach. We had a great time and Luke was a happy little camper throughout the majority of our stay, this didnt surprise us though because he loves being outside and is quite facinated with trees thus making camping the perfect holiday for him.

I’m sad to say I failed at taking pictures this week, when I wasnt too busy to take them I was too busy relaxing to think about it. My mom did manage to take some though so we will have to post those pictures to the gallery soon.

We finally got some use out of the party island we impulsively bought last year during a costco trip for groceries. I think Tim and everyone else who got to enjoy it this week would agree with me when I say it was definitely worth every penny. We had a blast!

When we weren’t enjoying the beach we were relaxing at the site, playing some games, oh and we pretty much ate like kings all week…theres just nothing like campfire food…sooo yummy!

Good weather, great food, excellent company = fantastic time and we can’t wait to do it again.

Random Family Update Day

So sitting here tonight, I realized that we haven’t really updated the website at all since the week after Luke was born! Sorry faithful followers! Let’s see if I can give you a quick recap: the month of April involved weekends at both of our families homes, including the annual spring steak night and fundraiser auction in Bladworth. That was a great night, and Luke’s first public appearance which was great and he was awesome! In May, we had another auction sale, and were actually lucky enough to stay home for May long weekend. It was some much needed non-travel time for us to get caught up on sleep, and finish some much needed spring cleaning in the basement. The downside was that it cost us the back window in the truck (totally not my fault, but long story).

Which brings us to this past weekend, and Sarah’s grad on Friday. Lot’s of family out, some of which got to meet/see Luke for the first time. Sadly, the weather really didn’t cooperate for much of any outdoor pictures, so we had to regroup on Sunday when the weather cleared a little. All in all, a great weekend, and as you can tell from the gallery, Sarah was very much radiantly in her glory. It goes without saying, but congratulations Sarah!

Looking forward, Justin & Teresa’s wedding is now under 2 weeks away, so there will be some preparations going on there. Jason & Kara will be hitting the road for another epic camping adventure starting Friday, so good luck and have fun on the trip guys. Can’t wait to hear about all the details when you’re back. I’m sure you’ll be able to follow their RSS feed to keep tabs on their adventures or head on over to Hopefully summer gets here some day soon and we can enjoy some warm weather. Anyway, that’s all for now, check out the 300+ new pictures in the gallery, leave your comments, and we’ll see you again soon! Hopefully Crystal finds time to update this place one of these days (hint, hint!). Later all!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


Haha, but seriously we posted new photos in the photo gallery. They include the pre- and post-delivery pictures and all of the family shots from the hospital, as well as our new family pictures. So go crazy, post your comments, etc and enjoy our newest family member. The only thing we ask, is that you not use these pictures on Facebook. We have few rules around here, but one that has always rung true is that we only want people that actually care enough to check out our website to have access to this information and the pictures. We all know that some of the people on our own friend lists really don’t have much interaction in our lives.

Also, we’ll try to post the broader strokes of his birth story up here in the coming days so that all of you with questions about what all went down, can have the answers you seek. Obviously there are some details that don’t need to be shared, but we’ll get you as much as we can. Also for those that haven’t texted or called, yes we got released early from the hospital and were home yesterday. So for those wanting to come and meet him in person, by all means go for it, just maybe check in first to see how it fits into his feeding schedule and mom’s rest and recovery time.

Anyway, that’s all for today, enjoy the pictures and we’ll talk to you all again soon. Hope to see some of you in the coming days! Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and the gifts we’ve received so far, it’s been quite the experience for our new little family! Cheers!