Baby Update

We’re approaching the final chapter in our baby journey. We just transferred to the delivery ward to firmly induce this baby of ours out. And I must say: much nicer digs!

You’ll know more when we do folks!


Labour Progressing

So contractions still happening, but dilation has stopped. Off to delivery we go with a drip. One way or another, this baby’s coming out! Everyone’s doing well, just going to delivery plan C.

Later all

Baby status update

Ok, so contractions started at 11:30 last night and we’ve been at the hospital since 4:00 this morning. Everything is looking good, no still no baby!

Just early stage of labour as yet, more to come later today!


Home Again…For Now!

We just arrived back at the house after our morning/early afternoon at the hospital. They show everything as normal, but as of yet, no contractions or signs of labour. Mama’s having a nap right now, so I thought I would take a minute and update you all on the progress, for those of you out there waiting on the edge of your seats for a baby to arrive. A word of caution, the type of induction they have performed, doesn’t always work right away, we could have to return up to 2 more times before we see any action (24 hours apart, so in 2 days) if that baby is still comfy and stubborn in there.

As always, keep an eye on the site, but for now, you probably don’t have to be refreshing every 30 seconds…unless you’re into that kind of thing….then go right ahead!

Later all!

Auntie Sarah Down Early

This was too funny to pass up! Auntie-to-be Sarah crashed asleep while waiting in the hospital waiting room!