Luke Palmer

8 thoughts on “Luke Palmer

  1. Wow! Congratulations! Luke is so beautiful. Tim and Crystal, we are so happy for you. Crystal, it looks like you even enjoyed labour! You were smiling in every picture. Can hardly wait to see him. Very happy for your family.

  2. man that baby looks so much bigger in the picture where I’m holding him than anyone else’s…. am I like a midgit or a fairy or something and no one told me? <3

    Also I am bringing my gift soon. Not today though… It's kick ass!

  3. Congrats again you guys!! What a cutie patootie! Isn’t it the best when they finally come out?! Now just wait until he’s 2, there will be times when you wanna put him back! ;p Good work Crystal!

  4. Mom and I have been looking at your gorgeous son. Congratulations from all of us. Can’t wait to meet the little gentleman! Take care! Love Donna, Kevin, Aynslee and Brenden

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