Summer Update

So once again it’s been far too long since we updated the site so it’s time to be brought up to speed. Our summer has been filled with camping trips, family visits and a vast assortment of Mary Kay events and activities. I won’t bore you with details, but needless to say it was yet another whirlwind summer to say the least.

Looking ahead to October, we’ll hopefully be spending a little more time in the city and less time out and about travelling. A few more Mary Kay events for Crystal and some work on the to-do list for me. In Luke news, he has just completed his very first round of swimming lessons! So proud of our little man, he really is growing up too fast!

Take care everyone, more to come soon. For those in/around Saskatoon, be prepared for some catchup sessions over dinner or some sort of fun activity! Later everyone!

Fishing – February 5th

Saturday February 5th saw my return to the world of ice fishing. This day meant Jason, his buddy Kevin, and I heading out to Blackstrap for a morning of fishing good times. It was a beautiful day for fishing, and with an ice shack at our disposal, we were on our way to a great day. Unfortunately, the fish had their own ideas. It appeared we’d be heading home empty handed until we noticed one of the jack tip-ups, had a nibble. Kevin reeled it up, to find a 3lbs jack.

So for this adventure at least, the fish seem to have had our number. Next time: different story!